Crystal Roller Bottle - Rainbow Moonstone - 10ml

Crystal Roller Bottle - Rainbow Moonstone - 10ml

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Crystal Roller Bottle - Moonstone - 10ml

Rainbow Moonstone - Moon Magic + Empowered Femininity + Intuition.

Moonstone helps you connect into your subconscious and inner knowing. A stone of Divine Feminine, like the moon herself, moonstone is deeply connected with the push and pull of feminine cycles which makes it a calming companion for when emotions and hormones are heightened. This stone will help you awaken your inner goddess energy!

An important crystal for the 3rd Eye and Crown chakra.

Mix with your choice of essential oil and carrier oil and enjoy the many wonderful natural benefits. 

Traditional birthstone for June, and the zodiac birthstone for Cancer.

Size - Single 10ml clear roller bottle with moonstone crystals.

*The advice given is solely for informational and educational purposes and not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment.

*Please note that some bottles will contain more or less crystals (some are larger and some are smaller), it will all be dependent on weight. Please also note that these are natural stones and will vary in colour.

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