Carrot Seed Essential Oil - 5ml

Carrot Seed Essential Oil - 5ml

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Produced from distillation of the seeds of the wild carrot plant, Carrot Seed has a mildly sweet aroma with earthy, herbaceous notes. Carrot Seed essential oil provides a floral note to foods, making it a great addition to savoury dishes. Its complex flavour brings an earthy, delicious taste to your favourite recipes.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil is a calmative, cytophylactic, depurative, regenerative and vasodilatory. Used therapeutically for detoxifying, water retention, indigestion, eczema, acne and pimples are just a few.

DIY Sunscreen Recipe.
•25 drops carrot seed oil
•20 drops myrhh
•10 drops lavender
•2 large spoonfuls of coconut oil, softened.

Put the CO in a jar and set aside to get liquidity (unless you live in the tropics like me and it's already liquid). Then add the oils and stir. Lather on the body and you're good to go. 

Winter Skin Balm Recipe:
1 bottle V-6 vegetable oil complex
20 drops Carrot Seed essential oil
20 drops Myrrh essential oil 
Combine in V-6 bottle and apply to thirsty skin!

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